Savage Worlds was one of the first rpg's I tried and its still my go to system for one-offs because of how easy it is. That being said FATE has completely changed the way I run rpgs and I try to use aspects in most games I run. 

The reason why generic rpgs are so powerful is that you can pitch a game based on what your players want without having to worry too much about them learning something new each time.

Universal systems aren't perfect though and they're definitely not "universal". Just because you can run something in FATE doesn't mean you should. FATE relies on its games having a pulpy feeling to them. Instead think about the type of game you want to play: high action, investigation etc. and then choose a generic system. FATE can run investigation but something like Gumshoe would be a better choice. 

Maybe instead of generic systems these rpgs should be called theme-specific rpgs.